Betting systems simulations and resources

Betting systems and strategies are a set of rules to applied during the succession of bets in a gambling. Generally, actions to increase or decrease the amounts of bets following losses or wins.

Several websites and posts on the Internet offer content to understand these methods and invite gamblers to try these strategies by registering at an online casino or a partner betting website. But is it possible to try a betting system or estimate its result without real investment of money and over a large period of time?

A computer algorithm can calculate and simulate large series of bets by respecting the rules of the strategy and allowing the adjustement of the parameters involved in the bet (probability of winning or odds, amount of the bet, number of repetitions, bankroll available …) to observe and analyze the variations of the results.

GSimulator has gathered all these necessary tools to simulate and analyze the progress of a very large succession of bets (up to 100,000) according to a betting system, in a free simulator. Please read the documentation and terms of use before using the simulator.